MSquare Interview

As promised here is an interview with Reynold Sta Maria, myotherapist to the stars, athletes and those less fortunate in the Philippines.


What services do you offer at the MSquare clinic?

We do myotherapy treatment, physical Therapy, soft tissue mobilization, acupuncture,trigger points dry needling, Active Isolated Stretching, and reflexology.

Who do you treat?

We deal and treat patients, professional basketball players, famous celebrities, politicians, movie directors, producers, Nuns and Priests and most specially we love to treat and give services for those who are less fortunate in which we offer free treatment.

What were you doing before & how did you find yourself here?

Before I was a volunteer (health-worker) in our parish, Birhen ng Lourdes parish. Dr. Dein Vendigni, sent over Dr. Felicity Redpath, who is a chiropractor and a missionary who conducted myotherapy training in our parish in Bagong barrio. I am one of the 1st batch who attended. We had 35 students but only 15 graduated. After the training I was elected as president of HOH Myotherapy Philippines. We did several community services on different areas in the Philippines. I worked in a chiropractic center for 10 years and after that, I decided to put up my own myotherapy clinic and I am very thankful to God my clinic now is already 5 years in service.

How did Hands on Health Australia (HOHA) help?

It was really a big help from HOHA for me. HOHA sent me to Australia for seminars and advance studies with Dr. Dein Vendigni.

Has it made a difference in your life?

Yes, very big difference because you know here in the Philippines even if you are a college graduate there’s less opportunity to find job. So, because i love myotherapy, all my passion to this course, I treat patients (stroke patients and others with pain) without asking them to pay my service.

Why you do what you do?

I am doing now what I’m doing because this is a good profession, for me, any profession you choose. The KEY is Hardwork, Determination and Passion. And this is my passion, to treat patient because this is one of ministry of JESUS… Healing.

Do you have a personal message to HOHA & everyone that you want to share?

How can i forget Dr. Felicity Redpath Yeo. Everytime I saw her I told her she is my ANGEL because without her I may not have gone this far. And to Dr. Dein Vindigni, Dr. Cathy, Daniel and Kara and their parents Gino and Francis, who supported me with everything everytime I went to Australia. To Bro. Dough Walsh, he is at St. peter of bagong barrio. He was always help bagong barrio people. To Dr. Barbara Polus, the first time I met her in Australia she has a very good heart to help and give training in the Phillipines. And to Dr. Andrei Klein Hans, thank you so much to all the knowledge that you’ve given to HOH Bagong barrio Phils. To Dr. Greg Taylor and family.

Thank you so much to all this people whom I never forget because they change my life and my family. Not only me but members of HOH Myotherapy who were thankful. God bless you all and God bless HOH! Mabuhay!


Thank you Rey Sta Maria for your work in the community and your messages of well wishes. Your a gift to your community and health in the Philippines.

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