Closing post for January HOHA 2016 Trip

So its been about 4 weeks since I returned from the trip and made the time to sit and write a closing post & make a video, so here it is.

Thanks to all the people I met. The ones previously mentioned that are doing things to improve the health and education of the community and those that haven’t been mentioned.
Thanks to the ticket inspector in Manila who put me & Aly on the classy carriage of the train. Thanks to the tuk tuk driver in Siem Reap who showed me around, for having lunch with me & sharing his stories about his kids and helping me charm my way into free entry into Angkor Wat. Thanks to Phnom Penh for teaching me how much fun SE Asian traffic can be when your on a scooter and following “local’s laws”. I’m grateful to you and so many others that I had the opportunity to cross paths with. All the random people and events really add to the joyful and adventurous experience that traveling is.

Thanks HOHA for sending me & my colleague Aly on an international adventure to help create some waves into health and education in areas of need.

Looking forward to future projects and helping volunteers have their own adventures and experiences in our future endeavors.

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