Arrival in Phnom Penh

After a relatively long & fairly uneventful trip we arrived here in Phnom Penh. It was 35° with a 100% humidity. Anyone who’s been to Asia can attest that its like being wrapped in a moist fluffy blanket. You can almost taste it… actually in some places you really can.

Our first night here, we were picked up by my cousin & his friend Sorya who’s been here for 5 years. We’re all kids who were born or grew up in Australia after our families all fled this country as refugees during the Cambodian Genocide.
He took us out for dinner and we were definitely spoilt.

This place is changing all the time. I was last here just over a year ago and it continues to keep on developing. High rises a plenty are being built all around the city and the landscape seems to change almost on a daily basis. A massive mall was built in 2014 which seems audaciously out of place for this country.

So far the people have been as warm here as the weather. We’ll be looking to establish ourselves and settle in as soon as possible then put our heads down to the real work to be done.

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