Lunch at Chroy Ampil Pagoda

After waking up a little sketchy from the previous nights celebration and win of finding our apartment, we had to quickly pack our things and make our way to the new apartment to sign our lease papers then make our way to lunch with my family on the outskirts of town. This was our first day to experience a Cambodian traffic jam.

Lunch was behind the Chroy Ampil Pagoda in these beautiful little tree huts sitting on stilts looking onto the Mekong river. There was a time when the water would’ve been right up under these huts but the Mekong has retreated in some distance, enough for farmers in the area to plant some banana trees.

This was an awesome affair and a special experience. This was the first time a lot of our family had been together in this country since a lot of them fled in 1975. I got to hear a few stories about the life here before they left, where my dad was born, where our family lived and where we were when we got to Australia. I suppose that for most people that information is pretty easy to come by but when that information is connected to some troubling times and emotions, it becomes a little more difficult to discuss. I’m glad we were able to have that time and discuss their time here comfortably and openly and I’m sure it creates a sense of security for them to share those experiences with me before I start my own adventure here.

Video of lunch on the Mekong River with the family. #love #foodcoma #hammocksshouldbeineveryrestaurant

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Following lunch it was time to rest and unwind in our new found apartment and break in the pool.


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