Central Market & first local massage

Today we visited the Central Market (Phsar Thmei). Anyone who’s been to South East Asia will understand the chaos & wonder that these markets bring. Merchants of all kinds of goods & merchandise, peddling their wares in open air stores, tightly packed in with little ventilation. It’s a uniquely Asian experience.

Following the hot and sweaty experience that is the markets and stopping in a store for a super refreshing mango juice, for an entire $1, we made our way home from our nearby market. On the way we had our first experience with Khmer massage. 

Ready for surgery

This was an interesting experience for both of us. My therapist Korn, barely spoke English & I barely speak Khmer so this was always going to be fun.


After the treatment, I was really impressed with his ability to discover the spots that were causing issues even though I may have been cursing under my breath the entire time (not even under my breath… Outloud… Really loud… He was ruthless). I also realised that there’s a lot more progress that can be made and that with a little assistance, some really amazing things could happen here.

“No pain, no improvement,” he says

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