Fast & Furious Vietnam

We had a fast and furious whirlwind of a visit to Vietnam. My sister who I’d gotten to spend time with was headed back to Vietnam to meet her husband. We figured it would be a good idea to visit them all too & my other relatives still here who escaped here during the Khmer Rouge in 1975.

My aunts & uncles late 70’s – this brought on a few mixed emotions

This was an interesting trip. It mostly (entirely actually) revolved around food & family. Casey’s​ a big fan of Vietnamese so we had to hit the four big traditional Vietnamese dishes in our 3 day whirlwind tour. To aid in this gastronomical quest we enlisted the help of some fast & furious moto riders.

My cousin Helen with Casey & me with my cousin Sokjung

Has anyone ever seen that Fast & Furious scene where Paul Walker drives his car really fast with Eva Mendes without looking at the road? That was my ride with my cousin Sokjung. We kept talking whilst he drove with his eyes looking behind at me. Terrifying & exciting at the same time.

We had a really good trip spending quality time with family eating all the delicious food and hearing about some of our family history. We look forward to returning and spending a bit more than a few days exploring the rest of the country.

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