Final Biomechanical Therapy Class Graduation

Today I had the privilege of attending the graduation ceremony for the final class of Biomechanical Therapists. This was the final group to be put through our Sustainable Training, Treatment, Employment Program (STTEP).

Over the span of 3 years, this program has been able to train over 90 graduates in a certificate of basic biomechanical therapy. This certificate covers basic healthcare, first aid and the treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain. With those skills they’ve been able to treat over 15,000 member of the community through the attached student clinic and mobile treatment camps.

The lecturers, translators and everyone else involved either directly or behind the scenes have done an amazing job. The fact that a previous graduate approached them to share gifts and stories of her experiences with the new graduates is testament to the good work they’ve put in over the last several years. You could hear her excitement and passion about how her life has changed and how she is doing things now that she never thought possible at the start of the course and that these were things the new graduates could look forward to. It was a privilege to hear her speak so warmly and candidly about her experiences with such effusive excitement and joy.

On behalf of Hands On Health Australia, I’d like to offer a health felt thank you to everyone that has contributed to this program over the years. What you’ve helped these people to achieve and the difference you’ve been able to make not only in the graduates themselves but the health of their communities can’t be understated. You’ve been able to help educate many people to help themselves and be of services to others in their community for many years to come.
We are excited to see what the future holds for these graduates and the amazing things that they will accomplish in service of their communities.

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