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Visit to S21 & The Killing Fields

Today, we made the call to visit S21 and then The Killing Fields. Two places of cultural significance for all the wrong reasons. S21 used to be a high school called Chao Ponhea Yat High School. The Khmer Rouge won the civil war in August 1975 and repurposed this place into a secret prison and […]

Final Biomechanical Therapy Class Graduation

Today I had the privilege of attending the graduation ceremony for the final class of Biomechanical Therapists. This was the final group to be put through our Sustainable Training, Treatment, Employment Program (STTEP). Over the span of 3 years, this program has been able to train over 90 graduates in a certificate of basic biomechanical […]

Fast & Furious Vietnam

We had a fast and furious whirlwind of a visit to Vietnam. My sister who I’d gotten to spend time with was headed back to Vietnam to meet her husband. We figured it would be a good idea to visit them all too & my other relatives still here who escaped here during the Khmer […]

Central Market & first local massage

Today we visited the Central Market (Phsar Thmei). Anyone who’s been to South East Asia will understand the chaos & wonder that these markets bring. Merchants of all kinds of goods & merchandise, peddling their wares in open air stores, tightly packed in with little ventilation. It’s a uniquely Asian experience. Following the hot and […]

Communication & Connection

Recently, we had a funny experience at our local market Phsar Toul Tou Pong (Russian Market). We’d just finished having our first market dinner (a hefty US$6 for 2 plates of food & a bottle of water) and were about to start our short stroll home. Outside the market, there’s an army of eager tuk-tuk […]

Lunch at Chroy Ampil Pagoda

After waking up a little sketchy from the previous nights celebration and win of finding our apartment, we had to quickly pack our things and make our way to the new apartment to sign our lease papers then make our way to lunch with my family on the outskirts of town. This was our first […]

Arrival in Phnom Penh

After a relatively long & fairly uneventful trip we arrived here in Phnom Penh. It was 35° with a 100% humidity. Anyone who’s been to Asia can attest that its like being wrapped in a moist fluffy blanket. You can almost taste it… actually in some places you really can. Our first night here, we […]

Famous for a day

So about 5 weeks ago, I was approached by the awesome Industry Advisor Mr LT at The Southern School of Natural Therapies with a proposition from the marketing team. The idea was to take four industry leaders and ask them the reasons why they chose SSNT graduates. I said, “Great idea. Who’ve you got in mind?” He […]

Closing post for January HOHA 2016 Trip

So its been about 4 weeks since I returned from the trip and made the time to sit and write a closing post & make a video, so here it is. Thanks to all the people I met. The ones previously mentioned that are doing things to improve the health and education of the community […]

MSquare Interview

As promised here is an interview with Reynold Sta Maria, myotherapist to the stars, athletes and those less fortunate in the Philippines. What services do you offer at the MSquare clinic? We do myotherapy treatment, physical Therapy, soft tissue mobilization, acupuncture,trigger points dry needling, Active Isolated Stretching, and reflexology. Who do you treat? We deal […]